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Joulz is a subsidiary of the Stedin Group and a leading specialist in the field of sustainable mains grids and related power infrastructure. We design, build, manage, maintain and optimize smart grids. To achieve this, we provide a complete package of products and services for complex medium- and high-voltage systems.

Our Origins

We're highly familiar with vast portions of the mains grid throughout the Netherlands, because our staff have been building and maintaining it for many years now. We've inherited a wealth of specialist knowledge about power infrastructures and systems – new and old alike, e.g. design, engineering, operation and maintenance of transmission, distribution and automation systems.

Strategic Partner

This has put us in position to act as a strategic, long-term partner to our customers. And not only in the Netherlands. Together with our customers, we've been venturing farther afield.
We view electrical power as being a basic requirement for society. Electricity provides warmth and light, and allows us to live safely and securely. The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources means that electricity is not only providing comfort and security, but also greater sustainability.
We see it as our mission to provide technologically advanced solutions for a reliable, affordable and future-proof power infrastructure. We total some 550 professionals, working around the clock with passion and dedication alongside our customers to find sustainable solutions. In doing so, we're helping our customers meet the challenges that we're encountering as part of the energy transition.


'A leading specialist in the field of sustainable mains grids and related power infrastructure.'

"We're here to help you make your power infrastructure smarter, more sustainable and more reliable."

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