Joulz's Mission, Vision & StrategyJoulz is a subsidiary of the Stedin Group. Our mission is to achieve 'Renewable Energy for Everyone'. We know it's possible to achieve sustainability. Together with our customers and partners, we can help transition to a fully renewable energy mix in which power is generated from inexhaustible, natural, clean energy sources such as the sun and the wind.

Energy Transition Complexity
The transition from traditional energy sources to renewable is well under way and is unstoppable. We foresee that making our energy supply sustainable will bring both challenges and opportunities for our customers. For example, the misalignment between peak supply of and demand for renewable energy. And the need to make networks more intelligent.

These challenges and opportunities also mean greater complexity. Continuity is critical to network management, rail and power generation companies, and many other large industrial consumers. This is why they need a partner they can rely on both strategically and operationally. A partner that despite the complexity can provide them an affordable solution.

Integrated. Innovative. Ingenious.
We're convinced that affordable energy and investment in sustainability and automation require a company with a clear vision. A company with extensive experience and expertise – a trailblazer. A clear vision about exactly what is needed – today and tomorrow. The entire network is in a state of flux. An integrated approach is required now more than ever. An approach that analyses networks based on data that until now simply wasn't available.

The company that has innovative, future-proof solutions and an integrated approach will emerge the victor. The company with the right technical expertise and specialists to help you maintain control today and tomorrow will have the upper hand. That company is Joulz – blazing a trail in technologically advanced solutions and rising to the challenges of tomorrow's energy requirements together with you, our customers.

Blazing a trail in technologically advanced solutions and rising to the challenges of tomorrow's energy requirements demands a strategy. Our strategy is built on three cornerstones:


  • By working for a broader range of customers, we'll be able to expand our knowledge and experience both internally and externally. We go out of our way to share our knowledge with our customers and partners. This will allow us to keep up with the latest trends and developments. Joulz primarily targets the network management, rail and power generation sectors, as well as businesses operating in the data centre sector and heavy industry.
  • Generally speaking, our customers operate internationally. Whereas we once used to operate exclusively in the Netherlands, we're now moving with our customers and partners to locations in other countries. Helping them meet their energy needs at home and abroad.


Customer Propositions
We'll be expanding our portfolio of services:

  • from Station Automation to integrated Smart Grids
  • from traditional maintenance to Predictive Asset Management
  • from individual design, construction or management assignments to all-in Design-Build-Maintain projects


Joulz HS monteursAt Joulz, our people are our most important asset. After all, they're the ones who turn promises into reality. Joulz's strength lies in the skill, expertise and experience of its staff, and their passion for their work. We use our own highly trained technicians and engineers on all our projects.

This is why we invest in recruiting, training and retaining engineering and project management talent. We also offer our staff a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development.
We also nurture our staff's passion for their work, encouraging them to share their expertise and experience to the fullest extent possible – both internally and externally. We aim to create an inspiring and challenging environment for professionals at the top of their field. This is why we're working on being listed as one of the top technical employers.

'Renewable Energy for Everyone.'

"We're here to help you make your power infrastructure smarter, more sustainable and more reliable."

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