Joulz Energy Solutions has various specialist units that work according to a matrix model geared to the supply chain. Secondary Engineering is one of those units.

Within the Secondary Engineering unit, we carry out work on a variety of different projects and we maintain and install numerous highly diverse high-voltage systems. This complexity is one of the reasons why the training of secondary engineers takes an average of 10 years. To share, increase and streamline the knowledge present in the company, it was decided in spring 2018 to launch a training path called Accelerated Learning. The rationale behind this step was very simple: because there was no basic training in the theory of high-voltage engineering, Joulz created its own course.

Increasing understanding and collaboration

Peter Voermans, Head of the Secondary Engineering specialist unit and Commissioning team leader, says: ‘In common with the rest of our organisation, the Secondary Engineering specialist unit possesses a lot of knowledge. One specialist knows a lot about X while another is completely familiar with Y. Not all of us use the same definitions. We created Accelerated Learning to ensure that we all have the same knowledge and use the same terms. A broader level of knowledge assures a better insight into the different components and their interrelationships. What’s more, this approach benefits mutual understanding and collaboration. After raising the level of knowledge, we will be able to carry out projects even more efficiently.’

Involving our own specialists

Accelerated Learning consists of theoretical and practical parts. Menting Energietechniek provides the theoretical part. Elements of the practical tasks are written by our own specialists from the Secondary Engineering unit. ‘As our own people actively contribute to the modules and to the practical tasks for Accelerated Learning, the large amount of valuable practical knowledge that is available is shared constructively. The involvement of the specialists has a very inspiring effect.’ After the summer holiday period, trainees will be introduced to practical modules developed in-house. A high-tech demo/exercise room is being set up especially for this purpose. It will be equipped with high-tech facilities. The first group of employees has already started the theory part of Accelerated Learning. They are mainly fitters and technical specialists. The course will also be attended by engineers and foremen at some time in the future.

Traject versneld leren 50

Traject versneld leren 33

Rotterdam (the Netherlands), 3 May 2018 – Stedin Group and Royal VolkerWessels have signed a provisional purchase agreement for the take-over of Joulz Energy Solutions (JES). The intention is that Visser & Smit Hanab, a VolkerWessels subsidiary, will become the owner of JES as of 1 July 2018. For JES, the take-over signifies the assurance of a powerful new owner and job security for JES’s 160 employees.

Stedin Group, which counts regulated grid operator Stedin among its member companies, focuses primarily on the energy transition and maintaining the reliability of energy grids. JES specialises in complex medium- and high-voltage applications. JES’s commercial activities (work not related to Stedin) no longer fit in with the activities and strategy of the grid operator. For that reason, Stedin Group set out to find a new owner, eventually selecting VolkerWessels as the ideal match.

For Reddyn, Joulz Energy Solutions is currently working on the Middenmeer project as the main contractor. Middenmeer is a new 150kV/20kV substation in the Wieringermeer region. Read the following article by Liandon for more information about this project. This article was posted with Liandon’s permission.

Substation? No idea!

Middenmeer substation. “A big new substation we’re building to connect a large number of new wind farms, transmitting wind power to the rest of the country. That is what I tell family and friends who want to know what my job is”, says Michael van Leeuwen, Lead Engineer at Liandon. “Many people have no idea what I do for a living. That’s why I’m happy to be able to use images to show the progress we’re making with the Middenmeer substation.

middenmeer 1

Same objective, different background

Michael: “When I take a shower in the morning, I think about the different activities and coordination for the Middenmeer project I will be involved in that day, such as reviewing the many designs together with Joulz. Joulz is our partner in the construction of the substation.”


Constructing a substation requires a project team, consisting of project managers, engineers, builders and technicians. But that is not as self-evident as it sounds. For one thing, the energy transition is giving rise to a lot of additional work. So much, in fact, that we’ll be needing quite a few extra hands.

middenmeer 3

middenmeer 2

Joint effort

Michael: “The drive and commitment of the various staff members, from both Liandon and Joulz, contributing to this project really fire me up. The collaboration is going very smoothly because we’re all passionate about working on a fantastic project.

Deon van Kuijeren, chief foreman at Joulz, adds:

“The collaboration is working well, lines of communication are short and everyone is very approachable. I enjoy dealing with unforeseen situations and finding solutions, and I draw energy from a positive atmosphere at a building site. When I go on rounds at the site, it’s with a sense of pride. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”


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