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New application enables field staff to work more efficiently

On 2 January 2017 Joulz Energy Solutions launched a new application for maintenance management and field service automation.

This application marks a big step forward in gathering, recording and making use of valuable asset data. It enables our field staff to record information about several inspection items of high-voltage installations quickly and easily on a Toughbook, reducing the administrative burden for engineers. Inspection results are immediately visible for planners and maintenance engineers to use.

Extensive preparatory work

Project leader Nedim Duman: 'Previously, our field staff recorded inspection results using Excel sheets that were practically unmanageable. Engineers had to use cumbersome inspection forms and all too often the results acquired during maintenance and inspections were not put to full use. Thanks to the app, this is now history. Over the past few months, we have worked very hard to migrate all information from the spreadsheets to a database. We have fully aligned the spreadsheets of the different departments, putting a lot of effort into data cleaning. Moreover, the app was tested extensively by our staff.'

Expansion and roll-out

The application for maintenance management and field service automation will be used by engineers from three different disciplines: high-voltage installations, signal cable networks and structural engineering. The app has already been rolled out for staff working on high-voltage installations and signal cable networks. Structural engineering will follow later this year. The application is not a static tool: several expansions have already been planned, such as the option for engineers to add pictures to the inspection report. Any changes and updates will be immediately available to the users, as this is a web-based application. Initially, the application will be used for work performed for TSO Stedin. Later on, Joulz will introduce the system for other customers as well.

Watch this video for more information about field service automation:

Published: 15 May 2017


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