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Joulz Energy Solutions re-certified Level 3 on the Safety Culture Ladder

KIWA has re-evaluated Joulz Energy Solutions in February 2017 for level 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder, which is a NEN standard concerning safety culture.

Joulz passed the test with flying colours. We are proud of this result and Kiwa's feedback: ‘Progress was better than expected. This is reflected in the scores. Safety is second nature to Joulz.’

Continuously improving safety culture

Safety comes first at Joulz. We consider level 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder as an important next step to a safer way of working, in addition to the existing (safety) procedures and instructions. However, we are not there yet: we will continue to work on improving safety at Joulz. Our ambition is to reach level 4 of the Safely Culture Ladder in the near future. It goes without saying that Joulz holds various other safety, quality and environmental certifications.

Published: 15 May 2017


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