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ProRail certification in the ‘Cables for rail projects’ category

We are proud to announce that, on 26 April 2017, Joulz Energy Solutions was awarded the ProRail certification in the 'Cables for rail projects’ category. This certification enforces our position as a certified contractor in the rail industry.

About the ‘Cables for rail projects’ category

According to the ProRail certification policy for the ‘Cable and drilling companies’ sector, the ‘Cables for rail projects’ category includes the following activities to be performed by the candidate:

‘Cables for rail projects’ category

Work in this category includes running, removal and installation of (underground) copper and aluminium cables for power or data transmission for rail projects for . This includes:

  • 1500V traction power supply cables and return lines and earthing cables between substations and switching stations, and between disconnectors and return cable busbar;
  • 3kV cables [automatic block cables]
  • Signalling cables [interlocal block cables and local signalling cables];
  • Copper telecommunications cables;
  • Low-voltage (feeder) cables.

Work activities also include the construction of horizontal intersections using jacking pipes (max. 200 mm) [subcategory jacking pipes S-D (A)].

Excluded are: the cables between the power station and the substation (these fall within the category ‘power supply cables for rail projects’), any work on high-voltage areas of (sub)stations, assembly of the cable to the overhead wire pole and connecting the cable to the overhead wire switch (this all falls within the ‘Rail contractors’ sector). Processes to be carried out for certification: K-A; K-B1; K-B2; K-C; K-D; K-G; K-H.

Test project

In order to show ProRail that Joulz is technically capable of performing these activities, a test project was carried out on 18 February during a 52-hour decommissioning along the section Moordecht - connection - Rotterdam Alexander. During this decommissioning, the existing 3kV cable was disconnected in order to splice in an additional length of cable. In addition, a number of safety cables also had additional lengthsspliced in, which of course required quite some measuring sessions beforehand and afterwards.

Another challenging factor of this test project was that the decommissioning had to be arranged for, in order to be able to perform this work. Moreover, Joulz needed to cooperate with several other parties and to coordinate their activities, which required a number of consultations, scenario meetings, etc. to prepare for this project. The entire process was completed without any problems and to ProRail's satisfaction.

Published: 15 May 2017


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