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Joulz selected as subcontractor for TenneT offshore wind power project “Borssele Alpha”

Based on the National Energy Agreement, the Netherlands has set aside a sizeable budget for investment in offshore wind farms.

TenneT TSO B.V. (TenneT) is responsible for connecting these wind farms to the grid. TenneT contracted HSM Offshore B.V. (HSM), based in Schiedam (Netherlands), to construct the foundation and the offshore high voltage station (OHVS) that will serve to connect the future Borssele Alpha wind farm to the national power grid. HSM is also the intended partner for TenneT’s next offshore project, Borssele Beta. Joulz Energy Solutions B.V. (Joulz) has been contracted by HSM as subcontractor for this high-profile project, which is an important step in the process to make offshore wind power more cost-effective. Jan Willem Kijlstra, Sales Director at Joulz: ‘With our involvement in Borssele Alpha, and presumably Borssele Beta as well, we are strengthening our position in the market for offshore wind power.’

Scope of Joulz’s activities

Kerem Kaplan, Senior Account Manager at Joulz: ‘In this project, Joulz will be responsible for the systems integration for all high-voltage (HV) components on the high-voltage platform, which will include 220kV and 66kV installations. We have already started on the Systems Requirement Analysis (SRA), the designs for the secondary installations and the integration of the HV SCADA, which we will also be testing and installing. Our job also includes the supply and installation of control and security panels, designed by us, and the 66kV cable on the OHVS. The onshore commissioning is a shared responsibility between HSM and Iv-Oil & Gas B.V. (Iv), another subcontractor working for HSM.

During the project, our people will be collaborating on-site with members of the HSM and Iv teams. During the engineering phase, the project team will work at Iv’s facility in Papendrecht. At the start of production and following the transition period, the project team will relocate to the HSM yard in Schiedam. Kerem: ‘The entire installation will be constructed and tested at HSM, whereupon the complete OHVS will be transported to the intended location off the Zeeland coast to be installed and connected. In accordance with TenneT’s requirements, we will be using System Engineering (SE) as our project control methodology. Joulz’s lead engineer for this project will take care of communicating the SE methodology and HV integration to Iv and HSM.

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Installing mega “power outlets” at sea for the Dutch grid

By 2023, the five new wind farms off the Dutch coast will have a combined renewable generating capacity of 3,500 MW. That roughly equals the annual power consumption of 3.5 million households, almost half of the total number of households in the Netherlands. The grid connections of Borssele Alpha and Beta will each have a transmission capacity of 700 MW.

TenneT will ensure that future wind farms on the North Sea are connected to the Dutch electricity grid. The grid connection of the future Borssele wind farm will comprise two offshore platforms (Alpha and Beta) that will be positioned near the wind farms. Each platform will “serve” two plots with wind turbines and the platforms will be interlinked by a high-voltage connection aimed at boosting redundancy. This means a total of four offshore cables will be routed via the Western Scheldt estuary, to come ashore near the existing high-voltage substation at Borssele. There, the underground 220kV cables will be connected to the 380kV substation. To make this possible, the Borssele high-voltage substation will be expanded to create extra room for the transformers required to convert the voltage level from 220kV to 380kV. The national 380kV high-voltage grid will then distribute the wind energy to households across the country.

Published: 06 June 2017


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