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Predictive Asset Management: towards maintenance management 2.0

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Economic and technological developments are unfolding rapidly. This is creating a new economy in which a sustainable supply of energy plays a key role. Our Predictive Asset Management (PAM) service can help to ensure a safe, future-proof and affordable supply of energy. In the ‘Next Economy Roadmap’ digital magazine, product manager Patrick Kooij looks at the benefits of Predictive Asset Management.

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‘Next Economy Roadmap’ digital magazine

The ‘Next Economy Roadmap’ digital magazine, published 23 August 2017, identifies numerous projects and initiatives to which companies and authorities in the Rotterdam – The Hague metropolitan region are responding to the new economy. The roadmap paves the way for a massive package of investments and projects designed to drive a fundamental economic transition in the region. Energy, power supplies and sustainability play an important role. This explains why Joulz Energy Solutions figures in the magazine.

Published: 25 August 2017


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