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Emergency response exercise at Princess Amalia Wind Farm

On 30 May 2017, Joulz organised an emergency response exercise at the Offshore High-Voltage Substation (OHVS) of the Princess Amalia Wind Farm.

Employees of Joulz, Eneco Wind Operations Offshore (EWOO) and an employee of Deutsche Windtechnik took part in the exercise. Two instructors of STC KNRM supervised the exercise.

Prinses Amaliawindpark 57

Learning goals

The primary goal of the training exercise was to increase employees’ risk awareness while working on the OHVS. There was also an emphasis on effective communication, both between employees and with the captain on the Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV). In addition, training focused on taking the best decisions concerning the use of suitable emergency response equipment and whether or not to evacuate people (casualties) from the platform.

Learning based on real-life situations.

The exercise consisted of a number of scenarios:

  1. Fire in the GIS room
  2. Electrocution of an employee in the generator room
  3. An employee who suffered a stroke
  4. Arterial bleeding of an employee on the CTV /li>

Each scenario presented its own particular challenges and learning items.

Prinses Amaliawindpark 61

Teamwork produce success

The day was highly successful, with the learning and training objectives being achieved. Also noteworthy were the good teamwork and the guiding hand of the team leader. A second exercise has been scheduled for August. It will then be held at the Luchterduinen Wind Farm with different Joulz and Eneco employees. The Joulz offshore team will obviously continue training for the various learning items they take home from these exercises. Working safely, including in an offshore environment, requires continuous practice and attention.

Published: 21 June 2017


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