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Joulz once again contracted by HSM, this time for Borssele Beta

The objective of TenneT’s Borssele Alpha and Borssele Beta projects is to make offshore wind energy more cost-effective.

HSM Offshore will construct the foundation and the offshore transformer substation that will be used to connect both 700 MW wind farms to the electricity grid. On 23 November 2017, Joulz Energy Solutions was contracted by HSM as subcontractor for Borssele Beta. Our first project as an HSM subcontractor took off earlier this year with the engineering for Borssele Alpha.

Highlighting our expertise

Jan Willem Kijlstra, Sales Director at Joulz: “We’re very pleased to be involved in the offshore substations for Borssele Alpha, and now Borssele Beta too. It confirms that Joulz Energy Solutions has valuable expertise in high-voltage technology that also covers the market for offshore wind energy. The collaboration within the Borssele Alpha project is running very smoothly. We look forward to expanding this collaboration to a similarly exciting and sustainable project.”

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The role of Joulz Energy Solutions within Borssele Beta

Kerem Kaplan, Senior Account Manager at Joulz: “Our contribution to the Borssele Beta project will be identical to that for Borssele Alpha, for which we’ve reached the phase of the final design. In both projects, Joulz is responsible for the systems integration of all high-voltage (HV) components in the transformer substation, as well as the design of secondary installations and integrating HV SCADA, including testing and installing it. Our duties also include the supply and installation of control and security panels, designed by us, and the 66kV cable on the OHVS. The onshore commissioning is a shared responsibility between HSM and Iv-Oil & Gas (Iv), another subcontractor working for HSM.”

Background: More offshore wind energy

Borssele Alpha and Beta are the first large-scale wind farms being constructed in the context of the National Energy Agreement, an alliance between the Dutch government and a range of private-sector stakeholders focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change mitigation. Borssele Alpha is expected to be operational in 2019 and Borssele Beta is scheduled for 2020. Over the period up to 2023, TenneT will be expanding the Netherlands’ offshore wind energy capacity by at least 3,500 MW.

Published: 24 November 2017


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