Commercial maintenance

High-voltage installations can only function safely and efficiently if they are properly and professionally maintained. A fault resolution and maintenance contract with Joulz Energy Solutions offers an excellent solution if you wish to minimize the risks associated with managing high-voltage assets. We will tailor our expertise to your wishes and requirements to draw up a suitable maintenance concept based on:

  • The characteristics of your assets
  • The risks associated with the assets’ management by the asset owner
  • Our best maintenance practices

Customized additional services

You are looking for a comprehensive solution for your high-voltage infrastructure and the risks associated with your high-voltage assets. Because these risks depend on the nature of a company's activities, we also offer customized additional services, in addition to maintenance and fault resolution contracts. In our capacity as System Integrator, we can provide a wide range of additional services geared to your specific wishes and requirements. An overview of the available options is provided below.

  • Predictive Asset Management
  • Contingency plan services: working on the basis of various scenarios, we will make sure that essential matters are taken care of in the event of an asset failure, such as permits, authorizations, critical components and equipment needed to restore regular operations as quickly as possible
  • Expansion or replacement of infrastructure, including construction aspects
  • Wide range of activities related to SCADA systems, including modifications, adding functionality, and maintenance work
  • Advice on steps to be taken when assets are not functioning properly, in accordance with warranty periods agreed with suppliers
  • Serving as the party responsible for installation
  • Services to ensure compliance with the Dutch Underground Grids (Information Exchange) Act (WION)
  • Supervising the performance of work

If you have any specific questions about maintenance, please feel free to contact us.

A distinguished track record in maintaining high-voltage installations

Joulz Energy Solutions has gained decades of experience in maintaining high-voltage installations and complex medium-voltage installations. Our client base includes grid operators and energy producers as well as data centres and industrial enterprises such as oil refineries, chemicals producers, container terminals and power plants. In addition, for several years now we have performed maintenance on a number of large offshore wind farms. Visit our Projects page for more information about our activities.

Visit our Projects page

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