Engineering Consultancy 

Joulz can help design and implement heavy-duty power grid connections and systems that are customized, durable and highly reliable. Achieving this requires thorough studies to assess and match your requirements with the right expertise within Joulz and to draft the right plan for your purposes.

Joulz Engineering & Consulting's consultants are leaders in their field. They analyse your requirements and expertly translate these into a range of solutions taking into account aspects as wide ranging as electrical engineering, feasibility, risk, durability, maintenance and budget. The end result is a comprehensive set of specifications that you can use to move forward.

Engineering & Consulting's consultants

  • extensive experience in both new project development and existing system overhaul/upgrades
  • sound understanding of your operations for commissioning your systems
  • broad vision and familiarity with network management company, regulatory authority and stakeholder procedures
  • equipment supplier neutrality
  • understanding of total system life cycles
  • sustainability as a second nature

'Specialist advice for a safe, sustainable and economical power infrastructure.'


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