Integrated Project Management DBM(O)

Projects are becoming increasingly large and complex, which means that the demands placed on their management are also increasing. Joulz Energy Solutionsspecializes in managing cross-disciplinary, multi-phase projects. Project management is uniform and standardized as part of Joulz Energy Solutions's integrated approach. We provide meticulous project management services and safeguard quality, costs and planning. We can also identify and mitigate any potential risks in advance.

Risk management plays a very important role on all our projects. Our integrated risk analyses identify the risks so that we can take the necessary precautions to ensure that we achieve project-related and contractual objectives.

Joulz Energy Solutions project management consists of:

  • Cataloguing desires
  • Forming a project team
  • Defining deliverables
  • Progress meetings
  • Production of action plan
  • Evaluation


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'Integrated project management makes complex projects more manageable.'

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