Monitoring Services

Joulz Energy Solutions offers metering services to review the quality of your energy supply. This provides you with a good and reliable picture of the quality of your network.We monitor high-voltage transmission lines systems and transformers, and also provide OTDR monitoring services.
Joulz Energy Solutions metering gives you precise information about aspects such as vulnerability to outage, condition and lifetime of your underground infrastructure. This allows you to take preventive and corrective measures to stop outages before they occur. Moreover, if an outage should still occur, Joulz Energy Solutions will immediately send a service van to trace and rectify the problem.

Joulz Energy Solutions provides the following monitoring services:

  • tracing & locating
  • cable troubleshooting
  • cable, system and transformer quality monitoring & testing
  • power quality monitoring using thermal imagery


Joulz Energy Solutions Monitoring Services' benefits:

  • extensive experience
  • multi-purpose monitoring fleet
  • calibrated equipment
  • certification
  • quality monitoring & test reports
  • direct contact with department scheduling



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