Predictive Asset Management

Joulz is a strategic partner for all your power infrastructure maintenance requirements, and can help you utilize your assets to the full and increase their availability still further. We can also provide specific structured maintenance services based on condition assessments, operating history and best practices.

Predictive Asset Management (PAM)

PAM ensures maximum asset availability at lower cost. By improving asset design, construction, maintenance and reuse. Joulz implements Design/Build/Maintain/Recycle/Reuse phases ensuring that the asset manager has access to all relevant information across all phases and that the same knowledge is being passed on from phase to phase.

PAM benefits

  • increased safety and operational reliability levels
  • improved asset availability and reduced life cycle costs
  • optimized maintenance planning based on intelligent condition assessment
  • reduced OPEX and deferred CAPEX

White paper

In his white paper, Patrick Kooij – Product Manager at Joulz – discusses Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). “De Joulz TCO model covers the entire lifecycle of a high-voltage station, from the design phase to the end of its useful life. It enables us to assist our customers in the optimum utilisation of assets. For new HV stations, Joulz can help reducing TCO and contribute to more cost-efficient maintenance; for existing HV stations, we can help extending the lifecycle of assets.” The financial management model can be used to make a good estimation of direct and indirect costs of a process or product. The paper discusses the TCO approach for both new and existing high-voltage stations. Click here to read the white paper.

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'Higher asset availability and improved safety and failure prevention rates.'

- Arnold van der Bie
Chief Data Officer Stedin


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