Joulz as an employer

As part of the Stedin Group, Joulz Energy Solutions is the premier specialist in making electricity grids and substations sustainable. We design, build, manage, maintain and add intelligence to the grid.

To do all of this, we provide a total package of products and services for complex medium and high-voltage grids and adjacent fields of work.

Our origins

We know large parts of the Dutch electricity grid like the back of our hand, because our people installed them and have been maintaining them for many years. Based on our history, we possess specialised high-end knowledge of existing and new energy systems, of design and engineering, of the automation of grids, connections and substations and also the management and maintenance of these intricate grids.

Strategic partner

All of this makes us a strategic, sustainable partner for our customers. We regard electricity as a basic need of society. Electricity provides heat and light and allows us to live safely and comfortably. The transition from fossil energy to renewable energy gives us electricity that increases our safety and comfort and also allows a more sustainable existence.

Our goal is to offer technologically advanced solutions for a reliable, affordable and future-proof energy supply. With more than 600 employees, we work enthusiastically on those solutions 24 hours a day, day in, day out, so that together with our customers we can lead the way in sustaining energy supplies and help our customers take on the challenges of the energy transition and other circumstances.

The energy world is undergoing significant change. Sustainable sources such as solar and wind energy are providing more and more of our energy. We are driving electric or gas-powered vehicles. Soon we will also be generating our own energy. And the role of automation is increasing all the time as installation engineering and ICT converge. If you are interested in brainstorming and working behind the scenes on the future of our energy supplies, at an employer committed to training and the development of skills, you should choose a career at Joulz.

Our people have their say

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