What's it like working at Joulz? Find out from a few of our young engineers. 

Jim van Gaalen

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Jim studied Electrical Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in Rijswijk. In 2014, after working at a regional network management company and an installation firm, he joined Joulz. 'At Joulz, I discovered an appealing mix of project-based work and energy technology-related work. As soon as I joined Joulz, I got to workon the construction of the new 150-kV high-voltage Geervliet–Middelharnis connection. A huge project on behalf of TenneT – the national network management company in the Netherlands. So I got to work on one of the most important components of the Dutch mains grid. The same applies to some of Joulz's projects in the Rotterdam docklands. The port is crucial to the Netherlands' economy and a safe, stable power infrastructure is critical in this respect. Another great opportunity.' Jim now works as a high-voltage engineer on the Eemsweg project in the Rotterdam docklands where a 150-kV transformer station is being upgraded. 'I'm studying how the current system works. Together with the customer, I'm working on a smart solution for the new system. Technically challenging and sometimes a bit of a puzzle.'

Why should a young engineering graduate choose Joulz?
Jim explains, 'Joulz deals with virtually every aspect of high-voltage systems. This means that you can specialize in almost any related discipline as a technical professional. There's plenty of freedom to carve out your own career path.'

Wilbert Veen

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Wilbert Veen is a systems engineer at Joulz. In 2009, Wilbert was looking for employment while studying for his dual master's in Electrical Engineering at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He graduated in 2012 specializing in Energy Technologies and immediately entered into permanent employment at Joulz. 'While I was looking for employment as a student, I got quite excited by some of the projects Joulz was involved in. I thought to myself how much I'd love to work here. At the time, I thought it would great to work on large-scale transformer stations and substations. Now I'm working as a systems engineer on secure data transmissions between stations and Stedin's operations centre. Totally different! Just goes to show the diversity of opportunity that exists at Joulz. When you graduate, you know next to nothing about putting the theory into practice. At Joulz, there are countless opportunities. Soil surveying, route engineering, detail engineering, station operations & maintenance, and so on and so forth. You also get to work with a whole range of different people across various departments. That's what makes it so much fun!'

Why should a young engineering graduate choose Joulz?
Wilbert explains, 'If you're ambitious and persistent, then you'll make good headway at Joulz. It also offers loads of training opportunities in various fields. If you want to specialize in a certain discipline, no problem! At Joulz, everyone's passionate about technology. If you can say the same about yourself, then there's definitely a spot here for you too!'

Pieter Tadema

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Pieter comes from Amersfoort and completed his vocational electrical engineering studies in 2014. He also did an apprenticeship at Joulz and is now an assistant detail engineer in Joulz E&C's Engineering department. Pieter explains, 'As an assistant detail engineer, I draft the senior engineer's detailed designs. I also ensure all drawings are accurate and up-to-date for use and ultimately for sign-off as as-built. They can then be archived. I also help the senior detail engineer. Last year, I won the Energy Talent Game. During this competition, I came into contact with Joulz Energy Solutions. I tracked down a traineeship position in the Detail Engineering department. What I notice particularly about Joulz is that I have the opportunity to grow and learn more in my chosen field. This was a major factor in my decision to work for Joulz. Within Joulz E&C, I find challenges that help make me perform even better. I was thrown in at the deep end on day one. It was a great opportunity to prove myself and to learn a lot. Whenever I'm working on an assignment, I always get the chance to figure out how it could be done even better. My colleagues listen to my input. If I come up with good ideas, then these actually get put into practice.'

Why should a young engineering graduate choose Joulz?
Pieter explains, 'If you love working on complex, large-scale projects and relish a challenge, then you'll learn a lot at Joulz. I've learnt tonnes of things about high-voltage systems since I started here. Joulz is a great company that is open to people with ideas. Another benefit is that I've got so many fun colleagues to work alongside and there's a great working atmosphere here too.'


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